Frequently Asked Questions

How do I search for a manual?

The Medtronic Manual Library is designed to help healthcare professionals easily find complete instructions for use for Medtronic products. You can search through the library using a Model Number, Product Name or Manual Document Number.

  1. The model number can be found on the product package label; view examples here. The model number may also be found on product brochures, on programmer reports, or in patient records.
  2. The product name is often known from marketing and training materials, but also appears on product packages.
  3. The manual document number is provided on some product packages.

What if no manuals are found?

If the manual you are looking for is not available, call the technical support number provided or your Medtronic representative for assistance.

Where can I find reimbursement information?

For information on device and therapy reimbursement, please refer to reimbursement information in the Information for Healthcare professionals section of Medtronic’s Web Site.

Where can I find product performance information?

For information on product performance, please refer to Information For Healthcare Professionals on Medtronic's Web Site.

How do I view a manual?

Click on the title of the manual or click the "View Manual" link. Once the manual appears on your screen, you can scroll through the pages of the manual, search for specific terms, or print selected or all pages of the manual. For best results, use Adobe® Reader® to view Medtronic manuals, which ensures you will be able to use the links in the table of contents section and other features that may be provided in the .pdf file format. You can download the latest version of Adobe® Reader® for free.

How do I download a manual?

Viewing and downloading are the same process. When you click on the title of the manual or on the "View Manual" link, the whole manual is downloaded to your computer. You can then save it to a local drive or print it.

How do I print a manual?

Click on the title of the manual to open it on your screen. Use the printer icon of the .pdf viewer to print selected pages or the entire manual.

How do I order a paper manual?

  1. Use one of the search methods to find the manual you would like to order.

    Note: The manual you are searching for may not be available on the website because some manuals are only provided physically with the product package.

  2. From the results screen, click the "Order Manual" link to order a paper copy of the manual. The website will then display all the items in your cart.
  3. Review your order summary and click the "CONTINUE" link to enter your shipping information.
  4. Click "SUBMIT ORDER" to confirm and submit the order. There is no charge for ordering paper manuals.

How quickly will I receive my order?

Customers will receive orders for printed manuals within seven business days. The shipping schedule can be impacted by United States holidays. Holiday dates are communicated in advance on the Library Home page.

What if there is an issue with my order or if I am having trouble ordering manuals?

Contact your Medtronic representative. Also, remember that manuals are available for electronic viewing or downloading on this website 24 hours a day.